We suggest the following range of services for exploration and mining companies:

  • Selection of permanent personnel (standard or exclusive search)
  • Express-CV (submission of candidates’ CV without preliminary interview)
  • Out staffing (taking working personnel out of the staff of the company)
  • Providing temporary personnel (leasing)
  • Arranging advanced training for geologists, including Micromine and others, trainings and workshops

Our advantages

  • Long experience of our specialists in the field of exploration and mining helps to select highly qualified specialists not only from the point of view of standard methods of personnel selection, but taking into account specifics of your company activity
  • Geography of selection is not limited only by Kazakhstan, but covers FSU and beyond
  • We effectively promote corporative culture and brand name of the client – as extremely attractive and perspective employer at the labor market in the field of subsoil use
  • We observe confidentiality conditions for 100%
  • We guarantee single replacement of the specialist during 1-3 months for free
  • We provide standard search of specialists without prepayment.

We hope that our specialists’ experience and knowledge will useful for you!

If you are interested in our proposal our contacts are as follows:

Office 214, building 1, h.1, Yeniseiskaya Str., Moscow, Russia,
Tel/fax: +7 (495) 223 24 63
E-mail: mkim@wkmc.pro