Complex of main works comprises:

  • Database development, processing of exploration data, wireframing and block modeling of deposits.
  • Development of conditions F/S, banking F/S.
  • Initial audit and due diligence.
  • Development of exploration conditions F/S, reports with reserves calculation in compliance with GKZ. Approval of conditions and reserves in GKZ.
  • Preparation of the Report on the resources of the deposit in compliance with JORC, NI 43-101.
  • In case of necessity conclusion and audit of Wardell Armstrong International (England) can be obtained.
  • Preparation of exploration works QA/QС report.
  • Preparation of the Competent Person Report (CPR).
  • Open pits optimization, development of opening schemes, mining methods, preparation of mining works schedule. Designing of open pits and underground mines, preparation of mining projects.
  • Preliminary economic evaluation of projects.
  • Consultations on attraction of investments and passing IPO (AIM, ТХЕ).

Modeling of deposits in program environments Micromine, Datamine and others.