Assistance in document preparation for certification in accordance with the International Cyanide Management Code For the Manufacture, Transport, and Use of Cyanide In the Production of Gold.

Mobile sample preparation laboratory.

Initial audit and Due Diligence.

Development of the Report on the resources of the deposit in compliance with the international standards according to JORC and NI 43-101.

In case of necessity conclusion and audit of Wardell Armstrong International (England) can be obtained.

Development of exploration conditions F/S, reports with reserves calculation in compliance with GKZ. Approval of conditions and reserves in GKZ.

Traditional (manual) reserves calculation taking into consideration GKZ RF and RK requirements and recommendations

Preparation of exploration works QA/QС report.

Preparation of the Competent Person Report (CPR).

Consultations on attraction of investments and passing IPO (AIM, ТХЕ).

Development of database, processing of exploration data, wireframe and block modeling of the deposits.

Open pits optimization, development of opening schemes, mining methods, preparation of mining works schedule.

Designing of open pits and underground mines, preparation of mining projects. Field exploration works and engineering surveys. Exploration projects development.

Carrying out expertise and preparation of expert opinions on projects and reports.

Organization of modern dispatching and automated control system of mining production.

Consultations on extraction technologies, designing, flowsheet design, introduction of new technologies on processing plants.

Personnel recruiting, outstaffing, leasing.

Refresher courses for geologists/ mining engineers / surveyors and others, including Micromine and other courses , trainings and seminars on different topics.